My Very First Blog (D’awww~ How Cute~)

I have never written a blog before in my life. You will soon find that to be painfully obvious as I continue writing.

One of my biggest problems is that I never finish things, or follow through with plans that I make, and I want to change that. One way is to be held accountable for your actions, or at least, for what you say you’re going to do. And what better way to be held accountable than by posting it publicly for all of the world to see and judge you if you fail!

A little bit about me…

  • I’m a professional entertainer (not a stripper) I go to children’s birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, etc. and paint faces, juggle, make balloon animals. Whatever they want. I can also walk on stilts and perform with fire.
  • I’m an aspiring artist. I only started about a year ago, and I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m hoping that writing a blog, where I intend to share my drawings, will help me improve even more.
  • I’m super lazy. Like, holy shit. I’ll take all the responsibility and blame for my laziness. It really needs to stop. I’m dying.

That seems good enough for learning about me. You’ll learn more later if you stick around.

So, I’m hoping to start posting cute little comic strips and stuff. You know, you’ve probably seen some of the popular ones on Facebook or Twitter. They’re simple, cute, and you can relate to them. I have things I want to draw comics about. I’ll do that probably. Still lazy.

Forgive me, this post wasn’t informative, or funny, or helpful…or anything that a blog post is supposed to be…though perhaps I should start reading other blogs so I can get an idea of what they’re supposed to be. If you have a blog, and would like me to read it, please send me a link in the comments. I’ll check it out. Pinky swear. Or if you don’t have a blog, feel free to give me some tips on what you’d like me to write about~

Thanks for reading. Until next time~

P.S. The featured picture is something I drew for Valentine’s Day. So…that’s relevant. Enjoy~



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