Concrete Dopplegangers


Today I saw a squirrel hanging out with a squirrel statue. I couldn’t get a photo, so I drew it.

One a side note, I was very productive today. So proud of me~ Here’s a list of things I did!

  • I did some physical labor flicking acorns out from between the pieces of wood on a deck. I made money doing that, so that means I’m a Professional Acorn Flicker.
  • When I got home I cleaned both bathrooms (That’s right, I have two) and the kitchen.
  • Then I made business calls. And some emails!
  • After that, I exercised a little and then I drew that picture up there. Pretty cool huh?

That’s all for now~ I hope you enjoyed this post. Or at least my doodle. Thanks for reading!
And if you have any tips, or would like me to read your blog please leave a comment down below! I’ll totally check it out~ ^^


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