Knife To See You

It’s a pun!

So today, I finally finished flicking all the acorns out from between the floorboards of a deck. You have to have something that will fit between the boards, as well as be able to cut some of the debris to help dislodge it. I was using a paring knife. Small, ergonomic, efficient.
Well, after roughly five hours of being hunched over, I was almost finished with this exhausting project. All I had to do was finish up the stairs. I was working on the second to last stair, and I sat up, stretching my back with a groan. As I looked out towards the street that the house faced, I noticed a sweet old woman power walking with her headphones on. She gave me a friendly wave, and I waved back in return. Her expression immediately dropped and she hurried off, keeping her eyes down. I didn’t know why she had such a reaction, until I realized that I had just waved at her with a knife.

TL;DR – I waved at an old lady with a knife.

After I got home, I made more business calls and now I have a fire performance this weekend! Yay!!
Thanks for reading~ As always, if you have tips, or would like me to read your blog, leave a comment below.

P.S. My drawing today is a cat-squirrel thing. Unrelated to my last post. Enjoy!


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