A Little Slow on the Draw

It’s funny because it’s in reference to old western shoot outs! Shoot offs? Shoot downs…? You know, where they walk several paces away from each other, then turn and have to draw their gun and shoot. What do you call those?

In any case, I neglected writing for a few days. And drawing! I’ve neglected pretty much everything except for video games and the dishes. I managed to keep washing those, so I’m proud of myself for that. Still have laundry mountain waiting for me in the bedroom. Must fold those at some point. Unfortunately, and fortunately, I have events tomorrow! So I won’t be able to do chores, but I will be able to make money! Woo!!

We took a break from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for a few days, and I picked up a 3DS game that I had started a few months back. It’s called Story of Seasons. It was made by a few of the same people who made Harvest Moon, I believe! Maybe I should research that information before I write about it… Well, anyway, it was made by a company called xSeed. The formula for the game is very similar to Harvest Moon. You get a farm, you grow crops, you befriend the townspeople, and woo a bachelor or bachelorette of your choice. In the original Harvest Moons, you can only play as a male character. But in later games, they begin appealing to their female fans and give you the option of playing as a girl or a boy, adding bachelors to the games. In Story of Seasons, there is a wonderful selection of both bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from, all of whom have backstory, cut scenes, and engaging dialogue that make it easy for you to fall head over heels for them.

I had a difficult time choosing between the six possible bachelors. In the end, I decided to choose the one who reminded me most of my husband.
This is Klaus. He makes perfume. Those aren’t the attributes that remind me of my husband, they’re just facts about him.
Klaus is the oldest of the bachelors, and they remark on the age gap between the player’s character and Klaus regularly throughout the courtship. My husband is seven years older than me. I’ve never really noticed the age gap, or even felt odd about it, with my husband. Other men that I’ve dated who were older, though, it was very clear and I always felt like a child around them. My loving husband never makes me feel that way and it’s always been something I was grateful for.
Another similarity is based on some of the dialogue. Because Klaus is older, he’s also more worldly and knows more about life than the player’s character. One of my favorite cut scenes in the game is with Klaus, where the player goes to visit him in his house. When asked why, the player can respond with “I just wanted to talk to you.” Which is so sweet and innocent, it makes Klaus blush. He points out that you shouldn’t be so innocent, because you never know when there will be a “big bad wolf” lurking about. Of course, the player’s character is oblivious to the meaning, but we all know he wants to eat you up~
There are many more similarities in the courtship that remind me of my husband, but I’ll spare you the details. Just know that I love Story of Seasons and I’m looking forward to playing the next iteration of the game, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. So excited for that.

No drawing today either, so sorry. I’m going to go work on drawing now though! Hopefully, I’ll have something for you by Sunday.

And as always, if you’d like me to check out your blog, or just give me tips on how to write a better blog, leave a note in the comments! Thanks so much!


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